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Brings together TEOXANE’s patented RHA resilient hyaluronic acid technology and VC-IP, an advanced form of Vitamin C acknowledged by dermatologists for its anti-aging properties*: antioxidant activity, brightening effect and skin collagen stimulation.

Together with pyruvic acid, this exceptional combination of RHA® x VCIP ensure visible results on skin firmness, evenness and radiance.**

RHA® X VCIP Serum 30ml

  • After 28 days of application, proven result on signs of skin aging**:
    • The skin improve its firmness,
    • Cutaneous hydration barrier is reinforced,
    • Skin complexion is fresher, visibly more radiant.

  • RHA resilient hyaluronic acid, manufacturing process patented
    NovHyal (N-Acétyl Glucosamine-6-Phosphate)
    Dermo-Restructuring Complex
    Optimized vitamin C
    Pyruvic Acid

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