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將瑞士護膚技術與營養豐富的強效植物成分和生物活性成分相結合,產品蘊含抗衰老植物複合物、月見草油和乳木果油,可增強肌膚抗衰老能力和抵禦紫外線的天然防禦能力,平滑肌膚,使肌膚回復水潤光澤,告別歲月痕跡。這種強效配方可源源不絕地為肌膚補充水分養分,深層紓緩保濕,亦有效: • 對抗肌膚提早老化• 深層滋養和滋潤肌膚,撫平細紋• 保護肌膚,免受自由基和紫外線侵害

Combining Swiss skincare technology with nutrient-rich potent botanicals and bioactives, the product contains anti-aging botanical complexes, evening primrose oil and shea butter to enhance skin's anti-aging and natural defenses against UV rays, smoothing Skin, restore moisture and luster to the skin, bid farewell to the traces of the years. This powerful formula delivers a steady stream of hydration and nourishment to the skin, providing deep relief and hydration while also:


•     against premature skin aging
•     deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, smoothes fine lines
•    Protect skin from free radicals and UV rays

Cellular Repair Serum 細胞修護面霜 45ml

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