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滋潤潔面乳 30g

潤澤緊緻面膜 30g

舒緩修復精油 25ml

再生護肌鎮靜霜 30g
再生護肌鎮靜霜Renewal Calming Cream,是Epionce產品系列中第一款根據美國食品及藥物管理局(FDA)皮膚保護專題而研發的濕疹非處方皮膚產品 。再生護肌鎮靜霜能優化及恢復肌膚保護屏障的含水量,有效緩解濕疹和肌膚乾燥等頑固症狀。臨床研究顯示了再生護肌鎮靜霜為濕疹症狀提供必要的舒緩。

Milky Lotion Cleansing 30g

Key Benefits

  • Milky Lotion Cleanser gently dissolves makeup, pollutants, bacteria, dirt particles, and other impurities. This soothing cleanser is effective without harming the skin‘s protective barrier and irritating or drying out the skin.

Enriched Firming Mask 30g

Key Benefits

  • This intensely hydrating mask is designed to rapidly repair, strengthen and fortify the skin barrier, increasing elasticity and firmness. This mask has highly emollient properties that maximize skin wellness with a proprietary blend of key neurotransmitter and barrier lipids, antioxidant botanical extracts and potent, powerful humectants.

Priming Oil 25ml

Key Benefits

  • Primes and preps skin for a boost of hydration.

Renewal Calming Cream 30g

Key Benefits

  • Renewal Calming Cream is formulated to optimize andrestore hydration to the skin barrier to relieve the most stubborn symptoms associated with eczema and dry skin.This is the first Epionce product to fit under the FDA Over the Counter Skin Protectant monograph for eczema. A clinical study has shown the Renewal Calming Cream to provide needed relief for the symptoms of eczema.

Essential Recovery Kit

SKU: 713925
HK$480.00 Regular Price
HK$395.00Sale Price
  • The Essential Recovery Kit was designed to help patients achieve better results after deeper resurfacing procedures, with less discomfort and downtime. It quickly helps restore barrier function while providing a surge of hydration, and soothe and calm highly sensitive skin.


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