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 Raffine Paris

The eye cream contains extracts from precious herbal ingredients - edelweiss essence and magnolia root extract, that can moisturise the skin cells, maintain the structural integrity of many supportive protein fibres like collagen and elastic, and hold up the epidermis from the basal layers of the skin. The skin around the eyes is more fragile and easy to dry up comparing the other parts of the body.



能滋養細胞,維持膠原蛋白及彈力蛋白等支持性蛋白纖維的結構完整,從肌膚底層撐起表皮;眼周皮膚比其他部位更薄弱,易乾燥,植物提取的角鯊烷,可增加保濕度,防止水份流失;乳木果油具修復受損的角質層和改善膚質同時調整皮膚彈性。 改善造成皺紋原因的肌膚乾燥,膠原蛋白流失,提高肌膚新陳代謝功能 💥81%的使用者都滿意此產品的肌膚提升及緊緻效果果💥

Anti-Gravity Ultra Nutrition Eye Cream 30ml

HK$880.00 Regular Price
HK$792.00Sale Price
  • Gently tap, a small amount skin of eye contour, kindly massage until penetrated well.

  • White rose extract ,Squalane from vegetable origin, Magnolia roots extract, Edelweiss extract, Glycerin, Shea butter

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