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傑夫」暗 瘡 療 膚 水
Dr. Jeff Acne Tonic


美國製造Made in USA

「傑夫」暗瘡療膚水 由多種具備抗炎性草本成份配製而成。

主要成份: 薄荷、尿囊素、甘油。

功效 : 治療嚴重發炎皮膚、殺菌、抗紅腫、減少油脂分泌、預防暗瘡、幫助問題皮膚迅速痊癒。

用法 :
1) 潔膚後,將數滴暗瘡療膚水滴於棉花或棉花捧上,輕按於患處約15 - 20秒,每日塗2至3次,約2至4天後便能見效。

2) 亦可混合暗瘡系列軟模粉或冷凍礦物泥配合使用,每次加20至30滴(約2.5ml)暗瘡療膚水於軟模粉或礦物泥內,攪拌後敷於面上,可加強消炎、殺菌、平衡油脂的功效,有效幫助暗瘡皮膚迅速痊癒。

注意 : 本產品只適外用,忌食,避免接觸眼部。

Dr. Jeff ® Acne Tonic By a variety of anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients formulate.

Ingredient:Menthol, Allantoin, Glycerin.

Benefits : Reducing infection resulting from breakouts. It helps reduce the visible signs of redness and irritation. It also encourages cell repair.

Directions :
1) After cleansing and extraction, add a few drops of the Acne Tonic onto a cotton ball or swab, apply it over the treatment area for about 15-20 seconds. Use it 2 to 3 times daily for 2 to 4 days.

2) If use in the treatment, add approximate 20 drops (2.5ml) of the Acne Tonic and mix it with the Acne Soft Mask or Icy Mineral Mask for the extra antiseptic, healing and excessive sebum absorption performance.

For External Use Only
Avoid Contact with the eyes

Dr. Jeff Acne Tonic 暗瘡療膚水250ml

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